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The nature and extent of Trusts’ work supporting formal sector learning is always decided locally.

Examples of the type of work carried out by Wildlife Trusts include improving school grounds for wildlife, guided visits to nature reserves, providing resources for educators, Forest Schools, school membership schemes, visits to school and more. Click here to find your local Trust and contact them to find out what they can offer.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is working in partnership with Nestle Waters to provide environmental education opportunities for schools and families in the Buxton and Derbyshire area.

The focus of the project is on Ponds and Meadows, which have been identified as important features of the local landscape. Dew ponds are declining in the White Peak area, and many of the wet meadows found along the river corridors have been drained to create farmland. Yet these are very important habitats for lots of wildlife. The education resource packs below can be used by teachers or parents who want to learn more about what they can do in the classroom or their own backyards to protect these important environmental features and associated wildlife and to enjoy the benefit they offer.

The education resource pack provides the following:

Precious Ponds Summary Fact Sheet

Ponds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are found in all sorts of places from the countryside to city gardens. Around 20% of the UK’s 400,000 ponds are of high conservation value.

Precious Ponds Activity Sheet for Schools

Ponds can help you deliver the National Curriculum. Check out the ideas in the PDF below.

Precious Ponds Activity Sheet for Children & their Adult Friends
Precious Ponds Maintenance Sheet

Use this guide to help maintain your pond

Magical Meadows Summary Fact Sheet

Have you ever walked through fields full of grasses and wildflowers? These amazing meadows are actually managed grasslands.

Magical Meadows Activity Sheet for Schools

Meadows can help you deliver the National Curriculum. Check out the ideas in this PDF.

Magical Meadows Maintenace Sheet

Use this guide to help maintain your meadow

Magical Meadows Activity Sheet for children & their adult friends
Rambling Rivers Summary Fact Sheet

Trickling streams, gushing waterfalls, rambling meanders and vast estuaries are all features of rivers. Rivers provide many different habitats for a whole range of plants and animals.