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Get Better with Nature Community Fund

The Get Better with Nature Community Fund 2016 opened on 21 July 2016.

The Fund awards grants to support community-based initiatives in Peak District, to help locals make a difference to their local community and the natural environment.

The grants should stimulate and support local, community-based initiatives which encourage and inspire people and/or supporters to “get better with nature” by making a small investment in their local environment for instance in their community, local green space, wildlife or waterways.

The £2,500 Get Better with Nature Community Fund will award one-off grants of up to £1,000 to local initiatives, businesses and charities that can deliver a real impact by improving the natural environment or helping people to understand and appreciate how nature can benefit the health and wellbeing of local communities and business.

Applications will be viewed and judged by a panel of experts including Nestlé Waters and The Wildlife Trust, who launched the Get Better with Nature campaign in September 2014.

Applicants have until 16 September 2016 to submit their bid, with planned projects to be commenced by the end of 2016 and completed by 31 May 2017.


To apply, please download the application form below.


Terms and Conditions – Application Guidelines

About the Get Better with Nature Community Fund

The Get Better with Nature Community Fund is a grant scheme which aims to:

  • Empower charities and community groups/members to realise projects and initiatives which align to the wider objectives of the Get Better with Nature Campaign;
  • Create new and potential Get Better with Nature supporters and collaborators whose grassroots-led work and action demonstrate the value nature can bring across a variety of areas – community, economic and health & wellbeing;
  • Highlight the value of the campaign’s collaborative approach to delivering shared value for partners, collaborators and society.

Each application to the Fund will be judged on the extent to which they support each of the stated aims and objectives of the campaign:

  1. To raise awareness of the value of nature to our society, health and wellbeing;
  2. To empower people to enjoy nature’s benefits;
  3. To encourage and inspire people and/or supporters to “get better with nature” by making a small investment in their local environment – whether it’s in their community, local green space, wildlife or waterways.

Examples of projects that might be funded include, but are not limited to:

  • A clean up of a local community green space/ park.
  • Travel costs so that a local community organisation can go on a visit to sites where attendees can enjoy nature e.g. a local park/ outdoor activity centre.
  • Budget to go towards a bigger regeneration of a public space/ garden.
  • Projects that promote community cohesion through nature e.g. taking excluded groups outdoors and into the community
  • Activities that promote health and well‐being for older people: i.e. exercise classes that take place outdoors.
  • Projects which promote involvement in the local community through engagement with the natural environment.

 About Get Better with Nature The Get Better with Nature campaign is a collaborative, long-term programme aimed at helping raise awareness of the value of nature and its services to health, wellbeing, communities and businesses across the UK. It looks to encourage supporters to make a positive difference literally, and figuratively, in their own backyards. With a focus on water in the landscape, the activities of the campaign also include educational materials, hands on interactive activities and open forums for discussion involving schools, individuals, community groups and employees of the campaign partners, Nestlé Waters and The Wildlife Trust.

Available grants

One-off grants of up to £1,000 are available for applicants to use as part of the final budget for a project.

Eligibility criteria  

  • Applications will only be accepted from charities, community initiatives and community groups based in the Peak District. For the avoidance of doubt, grants will only be issued to companies that are UK based and for activities based in the UK.
  • Applicants will need to provide proof of existence i.e. a charity number/ a company registration number or a letter of existence countersigned by a recognised profession or be ‘a person of good standing in their community’. Examples of such persons include:
  • A bank of a building society official
  • A local councillor
  • An accountant
  • A bank/building society official
  • A councillor, e.g. local or county
  • A civil servant (permanent), but not someone who works for Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO)
  • A dentist
  • A nurse – RGN or RMN
  • An officer of the armed services
  • A pharmacist
  • A police officer
  • A social worker
  • A solicitor
  • A teacher, lecturer

The person shouldn’t be related to the applicant, live at the same address or be in a relationship with the applicant.

  • Grants will not be provided for initiatives or projects that are already underway or completed. To be considered, a project must be new, just getting underway or a new/different extension of an existing initiative.
  • Grants must also be used as part of the total budget for a project, they cannot be used as the sole source of funding.
  • It is the responsibility of the organisation/group applying to ensure that no restrictions exist which might prevent their project going ahead (e.g. planning permission, legal or administrative hurdles, project funding requirements still largely unmet when with a Community Fund grant).
  • Only one entry per organisation or group.
  • Entrants on behalf of the organisation must be aged 18 years.
  • Projects must be commenced by the end of 2016 and completed by 31 May 2017.
  • The organisation must have a bank account in the name of the group, with at least 2 unrelated signatories – or provide details of another group who will be managing any grant awarded, with a copy of the partnership arrangement.
  • The organisation must have a record of income and expenditure or annual accounts (if a group is new with no previous income they will need to provide a recent bank statement)
  • The organisation must have a “safeguarding policy” if working with young people under the age of 18 or vulnerable adults. Where relevant, individuals employed (in a paid or voluntary position) by a group must also have DBS checks.
  • The organisation must have the relevant insurance in place, including public liability where required, before delivering activities.

Projects without a clear plan outlining the benefit to Peak District residents cannot be funded. If you are unsure whether your organisation is operating in this area please contact Get Better with Nature team to discuss your project before applying (contact details below).  

What/who cannot be funded through this programme?

  • local authorities;
  • any party political activity;
  • purely commercial ventures (for profit);
  • spending that has already taken place (i.e. retrospective funding);
  • individual sponsorship;
  • activities promoting religious beliefs;
  • to projects unable to start during 2016;
  • activities where people are excluded on religious grounds;
  • activities where people are excluded on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, gender (unless the issue being dealt with is gender‐specific) or ethnicity.

 Process of funding decision

  1. Applications submitted to the Get Better with Nature Community Fund 2016;
  2. Shortlisting to applications best fitting the Get Better with Nature campaign themes and priorities;
  3. Assessment of shortlisted applications by judging panel;
  4. Grants awarded to successful applicants.

 Supporting documents

In order to prove that the grant is part of a project, all applicants must submit a budget for the wider project detailing how the grant will be used.If your project involves work on land or a building, including refurbishment, please provide proof that your organisation does own the freehold for this land/building, or holds a lease of at least five years that cannot be ended by the landlordIf your project involves planning permission, please provide evidence that this has already been granted.

Closing Dates for Applications  

Please return your application form and all supporting documents by the deadlines listed below, no later than 5pm.


Closing date When you will hear the outcome
16.09.16 07.10.16


We aim to let you know the outcome of your application within 8 weeks of the closing date. Successful applicants will need to start project planning and activity before the end of 2016 and will have until 31 May 2017 to spend the grant, and will be expected to complete and submit a monitoring report within 6 weeks of the project completion.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Groups in receipt of a grant will be required to complete a short form outlining how the grant was spent and highlighting the benefits for residents. You will be provided with the form when you are awarded a grant.Monitoring and evaluating the projects funded by our grants enables your group and us to better understand the impact of the grant. It helps us to more fully understand community needs, enables your group and us to learn from your project and can also help you put together information that can help to inform future plans.It is also recommended that organisations should collect valuable information on how people benefit from your work, what works and what doesn’t, how you can make your services more effective, and also demonstrate to future funders the value of your work.

Timetable for spending the grant

Successful applicants will need to start project planning and activity before the end of 2016 and will have until 31 May 2017 to spend the grant, and a further 6 weeks after this date to submit monitoring.Grants cannot be used to pay for activities taking place before the grant was awarded.


We reserve the right to verify all applications and refuse to award the grant and/or refuse further participation in the scheme where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or any instructions forming part of the scheme entry requirements or otherwise where an applicant has gained unfair advantage in participating in the scheme or won using fraudulent means.In the event of circumstances outside our reasonable control or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or computer) affects or could affect the proper operation of the scheme, and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, we reserves the right to cancel or amend the scheme or these terms and conditions, at any stage, but will always endeavour to minimize the effect to applicants in order to avoid undue disappointment.We reserve the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if:

  • we find that any false information has been supplied to us deliberately;
  • the project undertaken is not the project for which the grant was approved (and if we had not been informed of and approved these changes);
  • your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation, and if the grant has not already been spent on its intended purpose; or
  • the project does not go ahead.

The successful applicant agrees to participate in related publicity with no further recompense.

Need Help?

All applications will undergo due diligence to confirm compliance with these terms and conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact the Get Better with Nature Campaign if you would like to discuss your proposal prior to making an application, if you need help with completing the form or providing the supporting documents please get in touch with us at enquiries@getbetterwithnature.co.uk

How to apply

Applications can be made by completing the Application Form below.

Download Application Form

You should submit the completed Application Form electronically along with any other supporting scanned documents to: Mr Alastair Tolan, Get Better with Nature Community Fund Administrator at enquiries@getbetterwithnature.co.uk