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Day of Action

The Get Better with Nature campaign isn’t just about learning about nature. It’s about encountering, experiencing and enjoying it directly!

We want to support people reconnecting with the natural world and help promote awareness of its value and benefits from the clean water we drink to the positive vibes we get from spending time out in the open.

That’s why in addition to our education programme and Community Forum, Get Better with Nature is kick-starting a series of Days of Action designed to boost our understanding of nature’s role in our lives through a hands-on interactive activity that the whole community can get involved in.

Designed to leave a positive lasting mark on one of the town’s most iconic green patches, our first Day of Action took place in Buxton, Derbyshire on Serpentine Walk opposite Pavilion Gardens. The event called on families, community groups and nature enthusiasts to take part in creating a brand new thriving meadowland habitat.

The event took place 23rd October 2014 and just like future Days of Action, was open to all members of the public and for families. Over 100 volunteers and local schoolchildren were joined by High Peak’s Andrew Bingham MP to make a lasting impact on one of the town’s most iconic spots.

The event included:

  • Habitat Enhancement – aimed at preparing the site for the growth of wetland meadows, volunteers will remove invasive wildlife species and clear away organic material to open up more areas of the site to new plant and wildlife species;
  • Habitat Creation – once the site was prepared, volunteers sowed a specialist seed mix to foster wetland meadow growth nearest to the riverbank, with grassland meadow also planted nearby to create a complementary ecosystem;
  • Wildlife observation and natural art creation – in order to better understand how interacting with nature and wildlife can positively affect us, both physically and mentally, participants had the opportunity to undertake a number of interactive activities such as wading into the park stream or dip from the edge to look for and identify the numerous water-based creatures living there, or contributing to a large-scale natural art project using organic material found on site.

If you’d like to get involved in any future Days of Action or get further information about the campaign, contact us at enquiries@getbetterwithnature.co.uk