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Established in 1992, Nestlé Waters is the world’s leading bottled water company. With 100 production sites in over 36 countries, we have over 33,000 employees and a portfolio of 63 unique household names, enabling us to constantly innovate and meet the diverse expectations of our consumers across the globe.

Nestle-Waters-logo(300x300)2_audit2Recognised for our natural mineral and spring water brands, our local UK brands include Nestlé Waters’ Buxton brand – which is the number one British Natural Mineral Water in the UK and Nestlé Pure Life which is the UK’s most popular branded Spring water. Sourcing water filtered through 1,500 metres of ancient Derbyshire limestone has made Buxton Natural Mineral Water one of the purest natural mineral waters in Europe. With such close links to nature and a responsibility for bottling a healthy, natural product that delights consumers, it only makes sense for Nestlé Waters to help support the wellbeing of nature and the ecosystem that nourishes and maintains its unique water quality and supply.

Since our creation, we have strived to stay ahead of the game in managing our environmental impacts. As a key stakeholder in global water supplies, we have worked tirelessly to bring down the amount of additional water we use. As of 2007, Nestlé Waters has reduced this figure by 27% to just 0.58 litres per litre of water. In energy use too, within the space of five years we have succeeded in reducing consumption by 21% per litre produced and are determined to continue driving this figure down.

Our bottles are 100% recyclable and in 2012 the brand launched a new bottle design for Buxton Natural Mineral Water and our Nestlé Pure Life ranges that use on average 25% less plastic material (PET) than before. In 2014, Nestlé Waters announced it had achieved an independently verified zero waste-to-landfill benchmark at both the state-of-the-art factory in Buxton, Derbyshire and our UK head office in Rickmansworth. For more information on Nestlé Waters’ environmental performance and practices, click here.

Where water is increasingly scarce, natural resources are constrained and biodiversity is in decline, we believe in doing our bit to conserve and protect the future for everyone. This is the rationale behind our environmental work in the UK and throughout the rest of the globe. Nestlé Waters understands that only through creating long-term value for wider society, can we generate value for our own shareholders. Our ethos – Creating Shared Value (CSV) – underpins all of our work. To that end Nestlé Waters has sought to make itself transparent and accountable across a whole host of commitments from healthy hydration to responsible water sourcing and environmental stewardship.

Nestlé Waters has done much to earn its reputation as a water sustainability champion. It was the first private donor to the Project Water Education for Teachers Foundation (WET) the leading global organisation for water education, forming part of a lasting partnership that has spanned 20 years. Every year Nestlé Waters employees around the world along with the Project WET Foundation celebrate World Water Day. In 2014 this partnership reached out to 22,500 school children across 35 countries to raise awareness of water conservation and healthy drinking. To find out more about Nestlé Waters’ international work click here. For more information about our drive to create better shared value, please visit our website.

Nestlé Waters in the UK   

Nestlé Waters has been a member of Derbyshire’s community since 1987, employing approximately 100 people locally and engaging local schools with activities such as its water stewardship programme – Project WET. Unique in its geological and environmental make-up, Buxton’s natural mineral water is so pristine it has its very own brand – Buxton®, which is bottled untouched right at the source.

In 2013, Nestlé Waters opened a new plant – one of Europe’s most innovative and efficient bottling facilities in Buxton, enabling the water company to significantly reduce its total energy usage, as well as lightweight the packaging used in its bottles of Buxton Natural Mineral Water and Nestlé Pure Life Spring Water to reduce the amount of PET plastic by an average of 25% across the range, making them one of the lightest bottles in the UK. The plant closely monitors water usage to support sustainable water supplies and good stewardship.

The factory has achieved an ‘Excellent’ grading from Britain’s foremost environmental assessment method and building rating system – BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). This certification doesn’t just take into account the site’s energy use but also its transport infrastructure and ecology. BREEAM particularly noted the plant’s sustainable drainage system (SUDS) which has been designed to mimic as closely as possible the natural drainage of the site.

As well as having been independently audited as zero waste to landfill, the plant at Waterswallows, Buxton works closely with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to nurture surrounding plants and animals. High among Nestlé Waters’ efforts to create and foster a dynamic ecosystem, has been the development of a butterfly planting scheme – whose inhabitants are a key indicator of environmental health.